Roger A. Rivera Jr., MD

Building Blocks Pediatric Group

 As you know we had a previous program that it did not work out with for many reasons. So far Prognocis is the complete opposite. You guys are so quick and efficient, and have dealt with all of our requests in a timely fashion, and we truly appreciate it. The changes made to our Vitals section and the addition of the Birth History look great. Thanks again for doing it so quickly.  


MacInnis Dermatology

 I'd like to offer myself as a customer reference for PrognoCIS if you have a potential client who would like to speak with a current user. You can pass along my e-mail address and I'd be happy to arrange a time to speak with them. 

 Yesterday, Dr. MacInnis saw 45 patients between 8 and 3:30. Everything went smoothly. She was pleased. The "snow birds" (that is what we call Northern folks who spend winters down here in Florida) are beginning to return. We expect the patient load to increase. The ease of use that PrognoCIS offers the providers, MAs, front end and billing staff makes this all possible. 

 Today the team began taking a laptop into the exam rooms and are entering data on the face sheet, using the diagrams to do the physical exams and are completing the assesment with codes and firing off the encounter to billing. The Doc is really pleased with the progress made due to the ease of implementation. We never got this far the our current system. They used it for EPM only and continued to use paper charts. We are well on the way to going "almost paperless". 

Jim Panto Rn

Lake Region Urgent Care, Nurse Manager, Hawley, PA

 I felt that I needed to contact you and say that the service we have been receiving from Om is fantastic. You would never think that he has other clients. The individual attention to detail and service has been above and beyond! We at the Lake Region Urgent Care are truly happy and completely satisfied with the Prognocis EMR system thus far. I am very happy that this was the system I chose for the clinic. I Just wanted you to know how thankful we are. 

B.J. Witman

Northeast Foot Specialists, Wilmington, MA

 I was in touch with you a month ago. At that time we were just beginning to explore new EMR & PM software. After becoming completely overwhelmed by what is out there, I am writing to see if we can set up an online demo with your company. 

Dewey Pillai, M.D.

Valencia, CA

 Just wanted to say that you've made this whole thing a really painless experience and I feel fortunate to have found your website by chance.